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  1. well only one and it was the girl that died her mom was mad at my mom and her mom and my mom grow up together and my mom lost her best friend after that.... sad..... not his fault his friends asked him to drive knowing he was drunk. he should what??????
  2. Wow! Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cnt beleive he did dat...i bet a 2 of his friends family r really mad..oh man! It must of suck..n hes da one dat is still offense bt he cnt say dat
  3. oh you got thee worng person.... well that sucks i'm sure u will find took it. or yeah u can get a new one and be more careful lol. welll he got drunk and recked and 2 ppl that was in the car that was his friends died..... so it wasn't good...... he felt sooo bad about that still dose they were all drunk and one of them ask him to drive so yeah thats pretty much what happend...
  4. lol..i wish i did bt i guess i got da wrong person..oh well ima get a better one n take extra careful of
    cn i ask wat ur bro did for him bein in jail?
  5. yeah that is true ^^ i can't wait to see my bro out of that awful place. o.o omg wow really that sucks well at lest you know who did it so i hope you find and kick his butt lol.
  6. well congrats again..i hope ur bro do become a free man again besides everybody makes mistakes lol.
    now dat u mention day was hell..its because dat my mp3 was stolen and dis jerk face only left da ear plugs..luckily i think i know who took it so wish me luck 2 find out da criminal lol
  7. thank you so much ^^ when my bro gets out of jail.... so in 4 yrs so not to long its ganna be a long engagment^^ i'm good thx anything new going on with you?.?
  8. kewl..n congrats....u find love..when u getting married?..n im about u?
  9. ^_^ hey nm just going to my fiances place till july 5th!!!!! his name is zach ^^ sure i'll be your friend ^_^ how r u today?.?
  10. hey wats up...................i was hoping if we cud be friends?
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