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  1. i love him well i neva play da games but when i see him on the first cover of a gamestop book or wateva book they give us 2 see the releases. hes usually on the cover he look so sexy im soooooo serious yeah i kno im wierd....anyways i like a lot of music i just dnt kno which song i like the most but if u heard of tokio hotel i love their songs n the twin brothers bill and tom...wats ur favorite songs....XD
  2. well for me i like action games too ^.^ like Devil May Cry games songs do you like ^_^
  3. oh i dnt really have a fave game but i do live rpg games and action and adventure like tomb raider i love those kind of games...XD wat about u?....XD
  4. ..XD i'm 14 after four months i'll be 15 what games do you like?...
  5. im 16 wat about u....but i dnt im not so sure about my place being dat bad theirs really some nice ppl around my neighborhood i just have 2 find them....i do hope n pray dat my family n i move asap..XD
  6.'re really living in bad place but still it's not worst than my place ^_^ so how old are you?
  7. wow im srry....i just cnt believe dat i wish u were lying about where u live so dat i dnt feel bad 4 u....btw my place iz bad 2 most of da times my neighborhood have police everywhere last time 2 or 3 ppl got arrested 4 somethang so they had 2 sent a s.q.a.t 2 break in da house 2 find those boys....XD
  8. ahh....not really it's just there's gunfire and BOOOOOOOM in the middle of the night and you can't go out a lot soooo we can say the place i'm in is not bad...^ ^...
  9. ur from Iraq eh....i neva kno anybody 4rm Iraq but if u say 4rm florida....sooooo hows Iraq do u like da place?...XD
  10. umm.i thing i'm going to tell you where i live well i'm from iraq NICE TO MEET YOU!!!...
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