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  1. alright then check ur msg..n just in case i think its better if we exchange our numbers kk
  2. you can send it to me in a private message, before hand can you tell me if your a girl or boy so im not thrown off, i tend to get alittle nervous
  3. nothung life is da same i guess.
    n if u want 2 chat on da fone..then we do u want me 2 give it 2 u or u give it 2 me??????
  4. whats up, how you been? i finally managed to get on so i thought id check in on you. still want teh phone number?
  5. does dat mean..we cnt chat on da phone until its da right time...n we cnt chat now b cuz of some reason..i have no idea wat reason..
  6. its the end of the school year for me here, so I'll not be on until August unless I get lucky, so I'll write you then.
  7. well..i dnt have anything but i hope u figure out wat u r lookin 4...i kno we dnt kno each other but cn i have ur phone number if it alright wit u..
  8. thinking about making a fan fic, but I need an idea on what anime or game.
  9. well u kno dat i love anime..but my hobbies are hip hop dance, play some video games cnt really say wat type..but wat else do u have in mind 2 work on..
  10. Names Alex, Elizabeth sounds like a nice name, nice to meet you, what are you into anyway, like anime or games or hobbies, give me something to work with.
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