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  1. well its gonna be white....n r u actually gonna get a pet tiger or a lion...xd
  2. very cool. i love animals. what kind of wolf?(white, grey,?)
    i want a pet tiger or a lion.
  3. well i can't draw 4 nothang...but ima be a wildlife biologist...when i grow up..also ima get two woldlife pets..a wolf name zola and a fox name todd...xd
  4. aw, thank you. well i love to draw, write and act. and when i'm older i want to go to film school. tell me about yourself.
  5. woooooooow....i love when u say imaaaaaaaa giiiiinnnnn aaaatttttiiiiiooooonnnnn..ur kind of like me i love imagining dreaming,believing,having faith,loving, tell me about ur self..xd
  6. oh ok. yep the profile pic is me. in are the ones in my album.
  7. my user name i kasumichick2772...and i'm talking about ur profile picture..i see a boy wit blonde hair..iz dat u..xd
  8. really? who are you on Youtube? and which picture are you talking about?
  9. hy wats up..i neva knew dat u have an anime online account cuz i only know u by the way is dat ur real picture..or no..xd
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