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  1. well u need 2 private message me and ill tell u...........
  2. wat do u mean one bad thing..did somethang happen 2 u love birds..xd
  3. theres one bad thing!!!!!!! lol
  4. r u serious..dats so sweet...ur lucky 2 have a guy like him...n a celebrity has the same b day as valentine's day..u guys r so lucky..xd(SO JEALOUS)
  5. i was jus playin!! lol but we have been 2gether 4 almost 2 months...well lets jus put it this way...we have been 2gether since 11:59pm on february 14
  6. r u talkin about..emonightmarerose...yeah..we had a conversation...he's nice..dnt worry i'm not trying 2 steal him away 4rm u...i'm not dat kind of the way..i neva kno dat u guys were a long ya been goin out.,.u dnt need 2 tell me if u dnt want 2..xd
  7. i see that u like talkin 2 my boyfriend.....
  8. i'm not really new..they just put me a newbie even if....i had my account like at least 2 years ago...xd
  9. yep thats me and yes im about ur self.....
  10. hey wats up..iz dat ur pic up there..i never seen u here were u new or somethang..xd
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