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  1. I can draw cartoons/anime,real people,and other things. I like drawing cartoons/anime the most.
  2. wow ur so lucky i think ur bless with that....wat kind of things can u draw..XD
  3. I've been drawing since kindergarden,so I have improved over the years.
  4. r u serious ur so lucky how did u learn how 2 draw were u born wit it or somethang n cn u draw anime, anythang even us humans...XD
  5. I don't know what I want to learn from other ppl exactly. I already know how to draw.
  6. i love horror comedy action/adventure romance fantasy drama sci-fi martial arts fighting one of these days i'll b one of them i just have 2 exercise more n learn how 2 focus on balancing myself n ima learn hip hop dance i wish it wuz easy 2 do those things i dream of doing but its not my bad i accidently change da subject..anyway wat do u want 2 learn from otha ppl if dat does make sense..XD
  7. Ok,I will. Do u want to talk about movies? I like horror,comedy,action,and other stuff.
  8. ok try 2 do dat ope it works best of kind of speechless wat do u want 2 talk about..XD
  9. I don't know. I just chose a username lol. I'll ask if u I can change it,but I doubt that's going to happen.
  10. ohhh..y did u got it in da first place if ur not a family guy fan anymore..n srry..try 2 ask da boss or somethang..XD
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