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  1. well..i dnt kno how 2 put it..but its how they move and talk..but i dnt view them as my own anime character i vision in my head but instead i view them as shows that i recently seen before..da bad thing about it is i cnt draw da characters dats in my head..but i only cud fantasize them..weird isn't it..n kewl we're the same..
  2. kul tell me a few of them.... i like hearing what others have 2 say about people... i like to observe them so don't feel alone i am wierd to
  3. well...i kno its weird but i view my friends as anime characters...
  4. idk, what ever you want to tell me is fine by me. (this is filler)
  5. kewl..i dnt really have fave bands..i just like da music they wat else u want 2 kno about me.....
  6. I like all kinds as long as its not country to name some bands i like Insane Clown Posse, Atreyu, Disturbed, lots of others.
  7. my name is elizabeth...i love a lot of anime..its hard 2 decide..but da most anime i watch is wat else do u need 2 kno....btw wat kind of music r u interested in..
  8. Yeah lets start with a name and maybe what animes you like, job stuff like that.
  9. well wat do u want 2 kno about me..u name it...i will tell u..
  10. that sux so what about you i have told you all this info so tell me a little about you.
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