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  1. well dats a problem..i wish i cn but i dnt have a cell phone only a house phone dat cn only go long distance....i love da animes dat u like..i'm hoping 2 figure out more..
  2. I like bleach, Full Metal Alchmest, Naruto, and some of the kid show animes..... I don't have a job yet, but i plan to get one soon as for the phone number you cant call but text all you like it is.... 501-539-9842
  3. wat kind of anime do u like...n do u have a job by any chance...also would it b okay 2 have ur phone number..
  4. okay Sounds good to me. So what do you want to talk about.
  5. y cnt we just talk instead of me sending u an invite...
  6. the name is sean and sure just send me a friend invite.
  7. hey wats name is elizabeth...wat is urs..i was hoping we cud b friends.
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