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  1. how come?...iz it bcuz u dnt have a ride or somethang?....XD
  2. i got a harsh road ahead of me cause you see its not going to be as easy as it sounds getting there
  3. oh...dats great u cud start a new life there,.lucky u..XD
  4. around 40 to 60 $ an hour depending on what i specialize in
  5. hey wat up...somethang iz wrong wit pm so im talking 2 u like this...about medical x-ray tech..i cnt imagine u bein a doctor..but its much money do they pay u after u r done wit skool...XD
  6. its nice to see you too hhhmmm intresting i will pm you then
  7. u didnt pm me how am i suppose 2 respond 2 ur question..Xd
  8. o um ok and no i dont get mad silly you know better then to think that really u do
  9. hey wats up u need 2 pm me b cuz somethang wuz wrong dats y i cudnt PM u hope ur not wow u got alot of friends...lucky u
  10. i left you a pm^_^ lol :P hope you got it ^_^ its odd tho rofl
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