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  1. so let me get dis straight...ur shy about talkin about personal i neva knew dat....y cnt i test u...well if i say somethang personal dats kind of nasty i mite get in trouble again...b 4 i neva knew u were da shy type..u dnt message me like it...i just want 2 kno if u have a personal stuff up ur sleeves just ask away..remember i told u..i would gladly answer..dnt b shy..even if u mess up..i would neva b mad at u...b sides i've been askin kind of alot of personal stuff..n i kno i need 2 stay out of it but i cudnt cuz i wuz eager 2 kno..n i wuz glad u answer its my turn 2 prepare wat u gonna ask me back if u can
  2. well you guesed it lol tho i am abit shy when it comes to that stuff i am never good with words beyond making sure the person i talk to knows how valuable they are for every person in this world can do great things if they just beleaved, anyways pm me ^_^
  3. when u say“some questions i just cnt ask without gettin in trouble”wat do u mean about dat...r u thinkin about personal questions...*im so curious rite now..i really want 2 kno lol* by da way who would hate u i sure dnt..ur sweet n kind n act as a handsome gentlemen..even if i cnt c u...but talkin 2 u made me proud of who i am....*p.s. i kno it wuz a figure of speech but im not a kind of grl dat wats 2 explore da world n try 2 make dis world peaceful...but 1st havin alot of friends dat feel da same u...thanx again btw...XD....*
  4. i ment in real life and i love myself even if i am hated by all lol my body has served me well and deserves to be held high lol if you know what i mean and some question i just cant ask without getting in trouble lol
  5. thanx...n r u talkin about my avatar i just happen 2 find it's adorable....or r u talking about da real me cuz in real life im much of a tomboy cuz im stuck wit 3 bros includin a twin n have not even 1 sister*tears* but i usually get over it...*p.s. i still dig boys i think their real hot n sexy like u lol*.....still u cud ask me anythang u want i would gladly respond...XD....
  6. and your too cute you know that lol^_^ you should smile that would knock people threw a loop
  7. em - emotional people who get really sad,and often cut them selves
  8. im kind of slow in da head wat does emo bad i think it wuz kind of a personal question....4 now on u cud ask me anythang u like....XD....
  9. no i dont silly and i am just naturally nice like that so its just common nature for me to be polite and uplifting to those around me so i dont go emo agin :P
  10. THANX A MILLION can i ask u a question do u have a gf on anime online?...........XD......p.s.u didnt even c my face n u gave me all dis compliment...dats very sweet of u thanx again....XD....
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