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  1. well i will do that my beautyful young friend i voted and i will check mymtv out for you as you asked
  2. Wow u should keep it up can u do me two otha favors can u go on n vote also 2 u do thanx a million....XD....
  3. well i am trying to be uplifting to people instead of emo its a new side of me u can say lol
  4. wow ur really passionate....n yea u r rite they cnt just cancel's just not rite...i just want 2 kno if their iz a website dat all of us “anime luver” cud vote...*p.s. thanx 4 da compliment..u really do understand me...ur nice n sweet..thanx again*
  5. ha my dear young friend they can't stop anime they'll never beable to there is tomaney people that will stop them it beyong there control^_^ just u wait and see my cute and ever growing pal just dont buy into todays media they are all talk but in the end it will always fail
  6. dats so kewl n ur rite we do got somethang in common but i mite of 4gotten a hobby its listening 2 music,cleaning n dancing well not so much in dancin im tryin my hardest 2 dance hip hop if u kno wat i mean....did u heard da news dat deres no more anime 6..DATS SO SAD CUZ I WUZ PLANIN 2 WATCH NEW ANIME SHOWS I NEVER ENCOUNTER MYSELF C IN DO U HAVE A WEBSITE DAT U MITE KNO OR UR FRIENDS MITE KNO 2 C ANIME SHOWS.....I REALLY HOPE U DO PPPLLLLZZZZ...,XD
  7. well my currious friend i do live in zephyrhills,florida but for now i am in limestone main getting my certifacation of being a medical transcriptionist in jobcorps after that i go back home i am not worryied about what you ask me at all, my hobbies are writing,listenming to music, going on computers and playing volleyball,dodgeball i get my self inshape too lol we got some-things in common which is cool lol well hope to talk to you some more sometime(ps if i dont whant you to kn ow something i'll tell you i dont wanna answer it lol)
  8. my hobbies r playing volleyball which i cnt anymore b cuz of da stupid skool i cnt stand them they never have time 4 volleyball....someday i would like 2 learn martial arts so dat i cud kick strangers a** if they try 2 touch me....exercising i dnt kno y but i just luv 2 exercise playing games sometimes n most of all goin on da computer and watching t.v. n little bit of txtin...wat about u...n do u live in florida *dnt worry im not a stalker*...if u dnt want 2 tell me its ok...........XD
  9. ok my o so hyper friend. lets see what are some of your hobbys^_^?
  10. mine wuz anime anime anime!!!,clan rainstorm,manga powers galore.....dats all do u want 2 ask me any questions cuz recently i've been starting da conversation i would at least hear somethang 4rm u c'mon plz ask me any question u lyke i would gladly answer them 4rm u.....PPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ..... ...XD
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