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  1. the zombie army which rocks emo kid runs it and i forget the second one lol
  2. oh well dats good at least u dnt have 2 do da hard stuff have fun doin wat u do.....on anime online wat thangs did u join?......XD....
  3. medical transcriptionist is where i set appointments and what not
  4. KEWL dats y im gettin a wolf n a fox da wolf iz goin 2 b a gurl n da fow iz goin 2 b a boy da wolf dat im gion 2 name will b Zola 4rm blue dargon n da fox im goin 2 name will b Todd 4rm da fox n da hound- so ur goin 2 b a nurse or a doctor well keep ur hopes up it mite come true.. me i want 2 b wildlife biologist dats my dream n it mite come true also i just have finish high skool cnt wait until i get out of it......XD...........
  5. kEWL well im planing to get a wolf and a fox n da fox iz goin to b a boy which i will name it Todd 4rm fox n da hound n da wolf iz goin 2 b a girl which i will name dat one Zola 4rm blue dragon i mite change da name idk-so i guess u mant 2 b a nurse or a doctor well keep ur hopes up it mite come true my dream mite come true also in bein a wildlife biologist i just have 2 stay in skool................XD........
  6. o sweet i am working on getting me a wolf too i love wolves its my most favorite animal(i cant spell lol)in the whole world
  7. kewl dats in florida right, well im in south tech being in vet so when i grow up i cud b a wildlife biologst goin 4 da wild havin a fox and a wolf 4 a pet...............XD
  8. i go to loring jobcorps i am getting my high school diploma and medical certifacation
  9. dats true ur just like me b cuz i wrote 2 to 3 essays dat talk about how i feel about earth: by the way go to they got college there too ;p.s do u go to school and do u live in florida not dat way, but to know u better as friends if u kno wat i mean.........XD........
  10. pretty much i am saying i wanna be active on the site :P i care about earth and wanna both get my words in and help out the world that gives so much to us
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