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  1. y dnt u just go to my friends list n ask for urself..some of them barely go online i dnt wanna waste my time msg my friends...sorry
  2. Oh , okay then . See if there could be any more from your friends list that would like to join tell em the link is in your guest book : ) ! Take care .
  3. oh..okay dat explain y...well let me see wat i cn do..n i live in florida ^^
  4. Where do you live btw ?...............................Im from Sweden ............................
  5. But they need to get to lvl 10 + before I get the bonus . But Im not donig this becasue the bonus, doing this to get many new friends in LoL
  6. Yes , It is a very good game . And when they join the game I get bonus IP every 5th friend I recruit to the game . Also I get many more friends to play with . I would be cool to orginastion with new friends and my IRl friends and then make a huge clan .
  7. It is no problem at all , I got it at my laptop aswell ^^
    atleast Im glad to have you here as friends and in my group .
    Maybe you could as your friends if they would be intressted in joining ?

    League of Legends - Play For Free
  8. well i check out da game b4 playing it bt i dnt think i cn fit dat pc game in my netbook aka mini laptop i dnt think i have enough space. SORRY
  9. ok i just add u as my friend..i saw da trailer of the game.its i dnt kno if my netbook could fit this kb or mb i dnt think i have space for sorry
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