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  1. kewl..dats a great plan..b cuz i'm gonna get my own car also..i forgot ur phone number cn u give me it again..i kind of lost it..srry..i really want 2 cht wit u..ur kewl n nice...i cnt wait 2 see u in
  2. im 17..juss turned in march..and yea by 18 or 19 i wanna make the move and thats early..bout 25 we all agreed to make the move. and im gonna have a car..and my friends are all gonna have motorcycles. so we can get you no problem
  3. i'm 16..turning 17 on june 19..n how r u goin 2 pick me up..i live in florida n u live in new york..i would love 2 come wit u guys..i wouldn't mind but just 2 let u kno let me at least turn 18..b4 we plan old r u..btw..
  4. Like ii how old are you..cause if we set it off early..ima have a car by then and i can pick you up and yuh can come hang out with me and the guiis with thier girls and we juss play music..and juss bug out..cause its juss a party yuh can definitley come have fun with me =D
  5. wat did u mean by and ill keep yuh in mind if they plan sets of a lil early..
  6. well my friend elvis has his girl..but im currently looking for my juliet of death cause i see myself as romeo of murder lols..and roger and andy..are looking no yuh could come flirt =D. and ill keep yuh in mind if they plan sets of a lil early
  7. i wish i cud go there wit u guys..i wouldn't mind..i love rock bands too..nit as much but there good..i wish i cud hear ur band..n flirt wit u guys lol..just kidding..i bet ya already have gfs..
  8. im not fond of N.y niether..i wanna move away and go sumwhere quite..and live my life like bam margera.!! me and a few friends decided to buy a house out in Pennsylvania and juss live together..cause were all big rock fans and we love to skateboard and inline skate and we making a band called we wanna live out that life style , and were all considerd jack asses aniiways so its good for us
  9. i cnt remember b cuz i was small when i was there...but my mom n older brothers said it was kewl...n nice there..n cold...i'm not a big fan of new york..long story..n..its true about florida its hot..n it gets on my nerves i was born in a cold place..not a desert
  10. Im a new york boy ..We Pretty Much Do The Same Thingss..Which is pretty Cool..and florida is a practical place but rhode island how is it out there.?
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