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  1. well..i usually exercise , dance,play video games,watch t.v..sometimes call my friends....n clean..wat about u..i'm from Rhode Island..but staying in Florida..where r u from..
  2. yea im light tani-ish lols..and yuh can find it in my social groups list..So What Kinda Things Yuh Do Off AO..And Where Are You From.?
  3. i will love 2...but where cn i find it...n i think ur color is light tanish if it is white sort of..
  4. And Um If Yuh And any Other Diie Hard Naruto Fans Wanna Join My Group Called NarutO Maniia.!!! Go Rite Ahead
  5. I Think Im This Color Lols..Yuh Can Ask Me Almost Anything , I Dont Get Freaked Out Easily ..If This is The Wrong Color Im Like Tan-ish But Sorta White..Im Off-White Kind-ish..Hard To Xplain LmFao
  6. me too..i cn never decide.. but da most i watch is i ask u any kind of questions like wat skin color r u..
  7. To Watch Are Yu-yu Hakusho , NarutO , Bleach , TriGun , Full Metal , Etc. Lols i Got Alot Of Faves..But Mangas Jusss NarutO And Bleach Really... How About Yuh.?
  8. nothung much wat about u..hows it going...wat kind of anime is ur fave to watch..
  9. Yea Sure..My Names Adam ; Nice To Become Friends With You Elizabeth , So Wahts Uhpp
  10. he wats up..da name is elizabeth..wat is do u wanna become friends..
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