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  1. oh...happy late b day how old r u now..n did ur b day go as plan..XD
  2. Well my birthday is over XD..So I can talk now ^^
  3. 4 real ok then i'll just have 2 wait until u cud talk..XD
  4. Hey, sorry your bored XD I cant talk much today ^^
  5. r u ok its like ur goin crazy 2 talk about sme thang....idk wat 2 talk about either but let c wat fave music u like 2 listen u have any friends u kno very well dat do 2 dis u go 2 skool..dats mostlty it..XD
  6. I dont know really XD Do you know? I have no idea..................
  7. its ok *huggs back*so wat do u want 2 talk about..XD
  8. Hola...OMG I forgot about your message >.< I feel bad now *Hugs* Eeeekk....Im sorry V.V
  9. thanx im a tomboy not a girly girl just lettin u kno k n i'll try my best thenx anyway..XD
  10. Okay ^.^ Good luck girly..essays are hard for some people. I like to type them not write them lol..
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