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  1. hehehe yeah i like love hina and family guy is a cartoon i think... i just mainshned the one i like cuz i cant decide
  2. yeah were christian but haven't went to church in awhile thou.
  3. im good im just resting for the long week to come... so how have you been? and how did ur weekend go? if you dont mind me asking? well ive worked in the fields all my life growing up till i was 15 then i started the onion shed.... man o man working in a onion shed is hard work.... but i love it cuz its the rush of the speed i work at that i enjoy so much about working there... plus im the floor manage so i get to work where ever i want to.... well to be honest id rather wait on giving numbers only cuz wejust met and we both dont know each other that well not to mention im working and i cant be on my phone well i work... sooo i guess here is the only place we can chat till we know each other better and im not so busy with work... sorry about all this... well take care and have a great day tomorrow k...
  4. well only one and it was the girl that died her mom was mad at my mom and her mom and my mom grow up together and my mom lost her best friend after that.... sad..... not his fault his friends asked him to drive knowing he was drunk. he should what??????
  5. thats sooooo kool that ur a twin and none the less a boy and girl... just like me and my twin sister...her names sofia...i usuall just call her pia... but thats sooo kool i havent met another pair of twin like me till now.... ur awesome..... and i mean it...ok ok calm down.. breath... ok im fine sorry for the malfunction... so how have you been? anything new with you lately... you know now that i think about it.. its almost ur bday aint it?you said the 19 of this month rite? and you kno i think its got its pros and cons to ur situation about work...in anycase i think getting a job is major cuz you ont want to get a job u really dont like cuz that will only give you problems but then if you really need to work then you dont have any choice in the job... as for me ive been lucky my whole like where ever i worked it was with my family or at least one member... wow i think i talked enough well take care and have a great week end and no worries my job is easy im the floor manager... ^_^
  6. wow...i have a lot of them. naruto, deathnote, bleach, inuyasha, family guy, junjou romantica, love hina, gakuen heaven, cipher, after school nightmare, pearl pink, peach, burning love twin, only the ring finger knows, tone- naisho de alleluya, zetsuai, bronze-zetsuai,aoiro keiyaku, ultra cute, asoi nai no, ..........alot more hehehe
  7. hehehehe thats kool! wats ur favorite anime of all time? ^.^
  8. oh you got thee worng person.... well that sucks i'm sure u will find took it. or yeah u can get a new one and be more careful lol. welll he got drunk and recked and 2 ppl that was in the car that was his friends died..... so it wasn't good...... he felt sooo bad about that still dose they were all drunk and one of them ask him to drive so yeah thats pretty much what happend...
  9. you shouldnt think that you still young.... when u graduate then you can start thinking like that but then again sometime its best if you work part time just so at least you know what its like to work for your w=own money... sorry i dont mean anything byt that its just the way i was raised and well know that im this old i realized it was a good thing to work cuz now i dont depend on anyone to help me but myself unless i ask them... man im so out of shape im tired cuz of time so please forgive me for having to go but i cant stay up much longer im so beat... and please understand that what im telling you is only advice and that i do not mean any of it to you... good nite and take care..
  10. yeah that is true ^^ i can't wait to see my bro out of that awful place. o.o omg wow really that sucks well at lest you know who did it so i hope you find and kick his butt lol.
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