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  1. dis would sound weird becuz we barely kno each other but cn i have ur phone number plz..just post it on my private message k..n i will give u m number if dats ok..
  2. Cool! Oh, yeah, I forgot about the technology...I do love robots! Let's hope they don't take over the world, though. That would be bad. :P
  3. i like about japan is their food (well some), their clothes like school uniforms (i kinda of dislike da girls skirt) but da boys r good, i like their komono..i always wanted 2 wear it but dnt have money 2..dats y i'm planning on going 2 japan wit my best friends, i love how they draw mangas n put their own style to it, n make video out of it..n have a lot of websites 2 see them, their nature, their school so wish i cn attend their..their technology..n most of things u said i love..
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