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  1. so u strongly dislike ur skool b cuz it have a lot of preps and da question i ask was if u have a girlfriend idk if dats a yes or a no... as 4 me i go 2 south tech academy high skool da skool iz ok but kind of bogus anyway i dnt have a boyfriend i have 2 wait until i go 2 college n get one...XD
  2. i go to a crap school and no i don't cuz i don't hang with that school much there preps i hate preps any way....i gess i'll ask the same about you.I a girlfrind if that counts.
  3. i guess its ok i might have a question 2 ask u..... wat kind of skool do u go 2 n do have a friend wit benefits or somethang...XD
  4. how about we well um...i have no idea what to talk about.
  5. so wats up wat do u want 2 talk about if ur so bored ..XD
  6. hay you there i thought i would drop by and talk with you i got bord so i figerd i would stop by and talk to you.
  7. ok hope they r good as u say they r im goin 2 look them up later tho k..XD
  8. rock and there alsome look them up...also look up demon hunter
  9. no i didnt wat kind of band r they n r they good...XD
  10. any ways have you ever hurd of a band called dragon force?
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