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  1. true dat..i tried doin dat but never intend to finish it..b cuz of school work..n when i get a job its gonna b more tiredsome..
  2. I woulden't bother. One poltition is the same as the next, greedy, selfish and liers. The sad part is that will never change.
    I'll stick with the age old saying "Want it done right do it yourself"
  3. True True....dats Wat I Heard N I Fell For Dream Was To Make This World Change..but I Thought My Dream Came True B Cuz Obama Said Da Same Thing...but I Dnt Think He Will Do It..i Judt Wish I Cud Meet Him In Tell Him He Is Doin A Stupid Job..and I Will Gladly Assistant Him..:d
  4. Any one who wants something will say what ever you want to hear just to get it. Change change change I herd that the hole time but thats what was wanted.
    Were in a bad economy people want a "change" for the better and thats what people wanted to hear.
  5. true dat..i wanted to vote for him only b cuz he said he promise to make a change..dats da only reason...
  6. Over all no. I wont dout that he may do something right but his ideas lead to socialism.
    Most people voted for the worng reason and it was his image. It a classic case of judge a book by its cover.
    Racists voted bacause hes black, fit freeks voted because his young and fit and the Bush haters voted for him because McCain agreed with Bush on some ideas.
    Look past the face and see the insides and you'll get a better view of the world.
  7. its okay...happens to me all da time..i even made 5-6 speeches in how i feel about da world..n my teacher is gonna help me publish them when da time is right.. btw do u even believe dat president obama is gonna make a change in dis world???????
  8. In the end nothing else matters but what you do. It dosent matter what my parents say, my boss, my friends not even what that so called presedent obama say its what I do not them.
    Got a little caryed away there but thats who I am.
  9. dawm right...ur awesome..n speak the truth..i dnt care wat other ppl think of me..its just da way i am...
  10. Nearly everything drives me up the wall because most people got a way thinking that they must put on to every one else. I live my life the way I want.
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