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  1. i like romance comedy drama action horror sci fi fantasy/magic i guess we have stuff in common..XD
  2. my fave genre is commedy and romance lol isn't it obvious on my rpgs?
  3. wats me anythang if u want 2 chat ill b waiting..XD
  4. kewl....well lets c wats ur fave genre?n which do u like doin more readin manga or watchin anime?......XD..
  5. lol i guess this is what this site is for mking friends right?
  6. wow impress how much visitors u have keep it up....XD....
  7. If dis world was in a war n alot of people iz dyin da other iz global warming b cuz dis world will b da end..... srry i dnt kno wat kind of fear u talkin about if its anime or manga or regular basis fear......XD
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