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  1. i thought u mean like one or two i also have a lot of anime i love..n i didnt kno family guy was an anime lol..n love hina has a lot of naked ppl doing nasty stuffs u like those?
  2. wow...i have a lot of them. naruto, deathnote, bleach, inuyasha, family guy, junjou romantica, love hina, gakuen heaven, cipher, after school nightmare, pearl pink, peach, burning love twin, only the ring finger knows, tone- naisho de alleluya, zetsuai, bronze-zetsuai,aoiro keiyaku, ultra cute, asoi nai no, ..........alot more hehehe
  3. um...naruto n skip beat lol...wats ur anime of all time?
  4. hehehehe thats kool! wats ur favorite anime of all time? ^.^
  5. not looks weird..i prefer a girl n a boy being freaky dicky lol
  6. awwwwww thank you. thats so sweat of u hehe are you a fan of yaoi ^.^
  7. awww dats sweet n kewl..i wish u da best for ur love life..
  8. hehehe you didnt offend me..i like yaoi cuz i was straight but not anymore hehe i have a lover and our love life is like a yaoi. so i love watching it and yeah i write some yaoi novels.
  9. hey wats up? glad dat we r friends..its kewl dat u know how to write anime yaoi..if ur wondering how i knew..its from ur "about me" its weird dat ur a boy dat enjoys seeing other guys being freaky dickie with each other...usually chicks like is kewl..srry if i offended u or anything..
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