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  1. My weekend was pretty good Friday I went to a showing for Rogers grate grandma and on Saturday we went to her furnal it was sad he cried I was happy that I was able to be with him. Sunday we just hangout. >< Friday his car broke down.... it was scary. but it should be fixed by this weekend!
  2. My weekend? Nothing much just work you ?
  3. Yeah I know I wish they could of continue it I bet they ticked a lot of sailor moon fans off doing that lol.

    Yeah there are not any good shows on any more sadly. So how was your weekend anything new go on?
  4. That is probably it, they just did not want to continue it...I mean they could have at least finished dubbing the rest of it first, jerks. and AS is really sad no good shows.
  5. Well that sucks! They could of renew that contract -.- they just probably didn't want to continue it.

    Yeah I remember when Saturdays was anime day and they kept getting rid of all the good ones and don't really show much any more... kinda sad really.
  6. Yeah, looking young is not that bad I guess, Yeah they took or I should say cancled (sp?) Sailor Moon because it's contract was expired and the company that origonal produced her (not DIC) didn't want to renew the contract, so she (Sailor Moon) got taken off air.

    BRS is a really good anime just came out, I think you'll enjoy it. AS (AdultSwim) is not like how it used to be and so now I just don't watch it nemore, I miss it when they only played anime for the 4 hrs that it was on. Now AS is not worth watching.
  7. Wow really lol I love it! It isn't bad to look young it is a really good thing really.

    They took her off because of a contract? I just stopped watching Inuyasha because it came on to late and I pass out and unable to watch it lol. Okay I will check them out sometime

    Black Rock Shooter I haven't seen that or really heard of the one I'll do that.

    There was a lot of good anime on Tv that they took off and I got so mad they show yu-gi-oh surprisingly around 9 I think it was on Saturdays on channle 53 I think lol.
  8. Oh and if you want a good anime to watch you should watch BRS = Black Rock Shooter
  9. Yeah that is what they tell me too they say I look 12-17 I just roflmao.

    Sailor Moon is my most fave yeah it is sad that they took her off air all because of a contract >:O I wish they would put that show back on, I stoped watching Inuyasha 142 ep then it just got BORING nothing but sellouts and filler XD and the other anime's are really good you should check them out ^_^
  10. Oh I know but I am 18 yrs old going to be 19 on April 14th and I don't really have to worry about looking old everyone tells me I look younger then I am which isn't bad lol so I guess I will always be young lol.

    OMG! I love sailor moon it is sad it doesn't come on tv no more..... I wish it still did. Inuyasha is a good one I haven't watched it in a while thou. The rest I haven't really heard of....
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