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  1. Hi Jenny ^_^ the 20's are not all that cracked up as they seem, STAY YOUNG AS LONG AS YOU CAN XD. I am into many anime's here is a list of some of the anime that I am into:
    Sailor Moon
    *Moon Phase
    *Mai Hime
    *Mai Otome (all of them)
    Tenshi Muyo (series)
    *Piolate Candidate
    *Strawberrie Panic
    I,My,Me,Strawberrie Eggs
    Azumanga Dioh
    Gunslinger Girl
    Kaleido Star
  2. Hello Samantha its very nice to meet you Wow I can't wait to get into my 20s that's gonna be awesome! So what kind of anime are you into?.?
  3. Hi, I am Sam (short for Samantha) I am 22, thank you I love L too, and I would be glad to have you as a friend ^_^
  4. Hello! My name is Jenny I'm 18 how old are you?.? Wanna be friends?.? I like your pic btw its cute! I love L.
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