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  1. oh ok kool well it was nice talking to you ^^ ttylz
  2. Most likely it will be art but I'll still need to think about. Well got to go see ya later.
  3. oh they really sound good i'm all for thee arts ^^ but that wont be my major thou. well i hope you pick something that your going to have fun with and enjoy^^
  4. It's either going to be art, computer technology, or music production.
  5. oh kool do you know what your major is ganna be?.?
  6. Well I'm done with school so, I might as well think about college now.
  7. ^^ yeah there you go that should give you enough time ^^ so any plans for this summer or your going to be studying?.?
  8. Well I do have two weeks to study for it again so it might be for the best anyway.
  9. oh well i'm sorry to hear that yeah my friend amber took a test to join the navy but didn't pass but shes ganna keep trying so maybe you could and you may not fail next time you know?^^
  10. Well I just failed my ASVAB test to join the army and I'm broke beyond all measures.
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