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  1. Actually were already finished with the building and we have the CO for it.
  2. Woo sounds like hard work man good luck with that.
  3. Well I'm out of school and I've been busy helping my family with out church building.
  4. Same here I've been been sooo busy with my job and school that I bearly have time.
  5. Yep so how you been lately sorry but I haven't been on that much to talk to anyone during school.
  6. Nope my school's all year long pretty much sucks for my summer vacation.
  7. Hey I haven't seen you in a while how you been.
    You out of school?
  8. Rock Lee because of his goofy attitude. Also to have his ability to go super fast with his kicks and punch. Fighting expert yay.
  9. Hey dude if you wanted to be any naruto character which would it who.
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