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  1. Sorry I was not on Yesterday, I was really sick sense Tuesday night.
  2. Yeah that would help. I dont know how to make it from scratch but that would be cool to learn how to.
  3. thats great pizza making is the way to go =3 i must learn how to make pizza from scratch then i could save money on these pizza's =P
  4. I suppose so. Well thats sounds like a bundle of fun. Mmmm Pizza sounds good... I think I will make some when I get home.
  5. lol mentally we could see it together mentally XD thats always fun right >.> i am babysitting now and i have to pick up a pizza i feel soo lazy though =_=
  6. I would love to. I have always wanted to see that movie. How ever going to see that movie together would be kind of difficult do to the fact we dont live near by each other.
  7. aww really =3 i just saw Tropic thunder for the 2nd time wooo it is funny i would go and see it again if i had money XD maybe i should take you to see it so you could have some fun =D
  8. Im doing alright... Just stuck at work so I really cant enjoy the day to much.
  9. lol yes it does =3 how are you doing this fine day ?
  10. So it all works out then, well that makes this a lot easier.
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