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  1. u smell like a dog? :O XD
    oh noes *is found and jumped* rawr~ xD
  2. I am a bunny but i smell like a dog. *Still smelling for you* Ha *Finds you and jumps on you* Hahah i got you *smiles*
  3. but i thought u were a bunneh? ._. LIES! *magically pops up in another secret hiding place* nyah nyah ;p
  4. *picks it up* I well find you! I have a noise of a dog! *smelling around* You can't hid forever. *getting closer*
  5. lol xD
    you'll never find me!! *throws stuffed kitty at you*
    muwahaha XD
  6. Ow *rubbing where you poked me* Where did you go? *Looking for you with a bigger stick in my hand*
  7. yah lol xD
    *pokes u with a stick*
    *hides in a secret hiding place*
  8. Lol yeah thats always fun for anything. DDDDDDDDD
  9. koolz i do too xD
    ouu me too :O
    i also like making voice overs of comics lol
  10. Lol I like pizza and I love video games!!!
    I also love writing
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