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  1. i hope he will be the same and yeah i know he needs time to heal
  2. Thats good
    I'm sure all he needs is time to heal then he well be good as new
  3. wow that's bad but he is okay he can't move his neck and is also in pain but other than that my cousin is okay
  4. Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Al lest not everyone died. My mom was in the same thing but only she lived everyone else in the car died.
  5. yes it is gone now im white and thats it anyways my cousin got in a car wreck saturday he was driving the car lost control and he has stiches in the back of his head and he has sreches and he is in pain every body is okay other than that except for one person she got killed
  6. lol Is it gone now?
    I'm 18 and mexican and a little black
  7. aww thanks i tryed everything but nothing seemed to help and how old are you im 18
  8. Aww I'm sorry if i was there i would massaga your neck for you ^^
    I'm not sure how good I am at it tho lol
  9. i do too im good yesterday i had a stiff neck and i still have a stiff neck it hurts when i turn my head to the left
  10. This does not seem to have a lot of people on it cause i see the same ones everywhere lol How are you?
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