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  1. Hi Cassie. I play any video game that is good. I actually have never played League of Legends or World of Warcraft, I don't have internet on my computer at home.
  2. Hello Darkbird thank you. I'm Cassie. You play video games and your the same age as me. What video games you play? i'm guessing you play league of legends and warcraft cause I heard my computer friends who like anime play these games. I have tried to play league of legends but when I first played it people was always jerks to me. They think i'm a noob just because I was new to this game and they been rude by saying I suck at the game and letting me feel down about it I Don't play league of legends it's hard to play.
  3. Hello. I see you are new to Anime Online. Let me welcome you, I am Darkbird the Scarred.
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