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  1. I'll probably be there when you get on, so I guess i'll see you
  2. Okay i'll be happy for us to start fresh talk on there bye *hugs tight*
  3. It didn't work, but that's okay because I found you, so it's all good!XD

    And talk to you there tomorrow if you like see ya *hugs again*
  4. Cheers. I wonder how i could look for you there. Does that link work what i gave you?
  5. Oh hey, well i'm called "Ranma S" there, and okay i'll add you, thanks.
  6. *hugs* bye take care ranma see you soon friend have a lovely day
  7. Good idea. So what's your username on mangafox i want us keep in contact with each other.
  8. Okay well it's been nice talking to you today for the little bit that we did get to say, but I have to go now.

    So I guess i'll talk to you tomorrow or whenever see ya *hugs* bye
  9. I'm not really into reading manga with alot of pages in them, that's why I do most of my manga reading online.XD

    And uh okay :/
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