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  1. manga books with lot's pages in erm. No i didn't leave i knew you might thought i left i was actually watching a programe of quandren leap.
  2. Wow I thought you had left O.O

    And yeah i read books, but mostly manga and language books.
  3. february just a cold weather. You read books? what kind of books you read?
  4. I'm doing okay, just hanging out at the library doing what i was doing yesterday, well except for chatting at MSN, since no one seems to be on.:/

    Right now seems to be my favorite season since it's so warm outside right now!^^

    And I hope the cold isn't too much for you, sorry for having it warm here when you're so cold.
  5. Hello i'm doing fine thanks how about yourself?
    What's fifty character rule? ^^ I was cold today at school only my legs and foot was cold. What is your favorite season?
  6. Hello again, and how are you doing today?

    (this fifty character rule sucks :/)
  7. I'll talk to you tomorrow *hugs* bye Ranma see ya
  8. Yeah it's that forum.:/

    Well sorry about this, but I have to go, so hopefully i'll be able to talk to you tomorrow, see ya *hugs* bye
  9. Aw, Thank you does rep mean comments? i'm going send the link that i just want be sure that this is the right site that they bullied you Anime Forum dot Com is that the site? Now I heard about how cruel they been and mods don't ban or do anything about it I am glad I haven't stayed but i'm not happy the way they treated you.
  10. Thanks, you're so sweet! >///<

    You're absolutely right, and I think that the only reason why so many of them suddenly targeted me was because one of the girls may have mentioned me in the chatroom there, and I guess a few of the guys didn't like that.:/

    You should be glad that you didn't stay or get any bad rep, because there was even a guy who was giving negative rep to newbies for no reason at all. Be glad that there are a few forums that actually enforce the rules and have a pretty peaceful environment to be in, like this one.
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