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  1. Oh yes i'm a student. I'm at school then go to college but i'm planning to be a beautician if i get in or not.
  2. yeeeah hm good question wellcit will be learning japanese and organizing my chaotic way in some way ehat about u ? are you a student?
  3. Cassie. Curry is a nice taste. Chinese is spicy. What is one thing you would like to become better at?
  4. it tastes greaaaaat !! especially with curry my name is vishi what bout u ?
  5. Same here except for indian food. I don't eat indian food.. What's your real name?
  6. yappo think so too well i like also chinese, japanese, indian food stuff well and of coursepizza
  7. I guess it's the way this forum rules do to the forum. So what's your favourite food? got favourite food. I like chinese, Mcdonalds, pasta, spaghetti, burger king
  8. they want to avoid spam messages so they set the limit of 50 charcters so letters to type so that you can post it
  9. Hello. Ranma went on about characters someone tell me what it is? is it what we write of how many letters we typed?
  10. i'm also online DDDDDD *filling up the 50 charachters*
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