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  1. i havent been up to anything much... although i bet my dads gonna make me hike up the mountain this weekend... such a pain in the a**... anyways wat have u been up 2??
  2. ok cool........ill cheack it wat u been up to?
  3. my age is on my mini stats on my profile~~ so i really dont have to tell people how old i am.. its just there on my profile~
  4. im almost 16 u?....really thats so cool... im goin to 10th soon to.
  5. --gasp-- really?! me too!! im in 9th now and going to 10th soon!!how old r u??
  6. thats cool wat grade u in? im in 9th goin into 10 pretty soon
  7. no i just came home from school and i doing this and homework
  8. oh sorry...about that.. so wat are you doing? anything fun?
  9. as kingmustang said... i will not show my name on VM's...
  10. i hope we can become great friends to.. its nice to meet u as well. im from missouri.
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