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  1. ummm i haven't upload before in the gallery but ... go to the gallery and chose Upload Photos and when you enter it you have to choose what place you want to put this pic and that by choosing it from the list that have the name Member Galleries .. =^_^=
  2. How do i upload art in the gallery??????????????????????
  3. i hope u are right....................................
  4. this site is a very good site and i am sure that you are not going to regret on entering it ^_^ ... =^_^=
  5. true dat, well i hope this site picks up and i can get into roleplaying
  6. me too T_T i kind boring even if i were listening to songs XD there is nothing to do @_@ ... =^_^=
  7. well, just listening to some anime sountracks and relaxing etc kinda bored but have to go on a school field trip in an hour are so
  8. ^_^ i am sure we can be good friends ... so how are you ^^ ... =^_^=
  9. thankyou a bunch, i hope we can be really good friends
  10. hi hi gabe ^_^ nice to meet you XD ... and i am happy by meeting you ^^ ... and for your question you can put your own avatar when you have 100 post and you can find this settings in User CP ^_^ .... =^_^=
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