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  1. hahaha...
    i dont think i have watched them all..
    but i'm planning going too...
    but there are series i can watch over and over again..
  2. yeah i am a hardcore anime fan and have seen mostly every series most people can possibly think of
  3. know those series too..
    i haven't watched all episode from blood+..
    but from chrono crusade i watched them all...
    they are awesome too..
  4. indeed that happened to me when blood + ended and chrno chrusade
  5. no problem..
    i'm glad i could help..(smiles sweetly)
    and it's one of my favo series..
    i can always watch it over and over again..
    but there is one episode i love the most and that is...
    episode 13 or file 5 'Silent Christmas'..
    it brings tears in my eyes...
  6. arigato, really now i have something to watch * jumps in the air out of excitement*
  7. hahaha...
    Well I'm crazy...
    But the site is
    ann typ Ghost Hunt in search videos..
    And there you have it...
  8. that was funny do u want to know the site? of course lol that was cool how u hel do ut the info for a sec
  9. well then let me help you..
    I know a site were you can watch it online..
    Do you want to know the site..??
  10. I have heard of that anime but have not had a chance to watch it i cannot find it on DVD or online...........*cries*
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