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  1. The you know like..
    Ghost Hunt..
    What do you think of that??
  2. vampire and demons are my favorite since like the beginning of time
  3. ah okay..
    I like action too and horror..
    But the most I like is with..
    Demons and vampires...
    Especially when they are half human half demon..
  4. humor, romance, horror, action and gore
    and animes that have a little bit of everything like one piece
  5. ah okay..
    It's good that you are doing well..
    So what kinda genre of anime do you like???
  6. I am doing well ts pretty early her its like 5:54 am lmao
  7. No problem...
    I noticed you cause i'm always take a look..
    But how are you???
  8. thanks for the welcome you gave me in the group, someone finally noticed me thanyou
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