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  1. Thats true, there is really no one answer as there are many, the thing is which answer works best for you.
  2. inded i assume you may be right but only time can answer these types of questions
  3. No, I don't believe like a fool, just that some other guy was acting like a dick and he unfortunetly wone do to manipulation which is very sad and puthetic if you ask me. You will find some one. The problem is actually finding the right girl and situation.
  4. i agree i shall never make that mistake ver again, i fell in love like a fool
  5. God damn man, that guy sounds like a complete and total prick!! Hmm... Well thats why I had enough of online and long distant relationships. I dont mind finding a girl online as long as she and I are with in very close proximity to each other.
  6. basically it was over a girl and my partner like her so he manipulated his way to get her, o and that girl was my gf, so i ended up getting banned and they are all happy on the site etc Now to me its the wrost site on all the internet and lamest forum where veryone lies and backstabbs each other
  7. What was the argument about? You dont need to list names, you can simply refure to them as Jake ass#1 and 2.
  8. actually yes i have i used to be an admin on a anime site similar to this one but will not say names, had an argument and trying to start over anew
  9. Ah yes, the female genra is exstreamly appealing to me as well... Actually that would be an understatment.
    Computer programing and web designer, I bet you get a lot of offers from people to help out with their web pages.
  10. well i am into computer programmnig, web design, gaming all anime genres and last females
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