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  1. well i am already going to therapy but all the stuff that has happend in my life is to pain full t say...
  2. lmfaoo. antidepressents. my mom doesnt believe in that. y frind goes to therapy tho. i gues every one has their own prob. i dunt see that just cuz ure a little sad u needa go on anit depressants. convince her to make u go to therapy. xDD that seems esier than taking a pill everyday or watevre xDD.
  3. lol yeah i finished but i got about 3 hours of sleep and i am kinda down to so my mom wants me to go on anti depressents
  4. lmfao 4 pges essay? are u allowed to double space?? thayts wat i doo. but i stik with the 12 times new roman. font lolz. XDD i finsihed mine but i only got 1 hr 45 mins of sleep i wish yu the best of luk xDD
  5. lol me too i have a 4page essay i have to write but stiil i am on the first paragraph oh well ill figure it out
  6. Sleep wat a beautiful word. i havent gotten much of it either. im lke so tireed rite now. and i have skool later, but im not going to bed due to a projj i have yet to start, apart from the heading... lol.
  7. ah not to bad just busy and a little out of it i havent gotten enough sleep latley about an hour a night how are you?
  8. lol i dont mind. lolz i dont mind at all. lolz. i kinda forgot about this site. its fun. tho i havent postd in a while >.< so how are u??
  9. nm i do that normally i go looking and i like making new friends i always talk to them ah well just wonderng if you wanted a friend
  10. hello yu added/requested me a wghile aho. wats uppp??
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