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  1. hey its been a while
  2. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaauyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy bro that right for now
  3. they were starting to.only like 6 or 7 active rpgrs.but there starting to come around again
  4. Did u say RPG forms r dying dude wow did not know that bro i in to keep it alive
  5. Yo r u making a band well u need some tips if u r cause i already made one n we will be playing soon so u need a drummer n a backup vocalist
  6. yeah lessangel has an awesome pic huh?
  7. yeah chris i ok for now just bad luck that all almost everyday n lessaangle that a nice avtar n nice cicrle people
  8. hey nothing much...huh what about you?
  9. YO chris wta up it benn a whilehahahahaahahahhah just wanted to say that
  10. i rly dont know wut u r talking aboutbut ok YAYA ME!
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