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  1. yeah jus tell me like when you post and if im om il post to
  2. yea sure it sounds like a plan to me that would be really fun ^^
  3. yay you posted!hey we should be(already knew each other before)friends on psychic university since were newest on it
  4. oh thanks^^ i found the pic on google^^ it looks pretty cool but i dont know how to put my char. in the story i just dont wanna jump in you know? lol
  5. hey i saw your profile at psychic universityits tight.i just made a character and im wating to get approved but its been a while...i wanna join already!
  6. cool^^ alot of my friends birthdays are in june^^
  7. lucky.i turn 16 june 15 almost in the middle of the year
  8. awwwwwwwwww ^^ yep turn 17 March 12^^
  9. YAY!
  10. yay !
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