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  1. lol yea i hear that lol im just in class wasting time lol
  2. oh nothing...jus on the internetusualy am .
  3. oh nothing much just doing some homework lol you?^^
  4. i was just about to post you the other day!but i dindt cuz i had to clean out my closet/dumpbut anyway...wuts up?
  5. hmmm i havent talked to you in a while lol :P how are you doing?
    and i think the hair cut looks nice^^ lol ttyl

    here's one of them lol^^ ill post the other links in a min
  7. you have myspace?? so do i!!!^^ if ya look at my siggy i have my url posted on there^^ hold on ill find the link for you =]
  8. i would if i newbhow do i get there?im not good at this kind of stuff.its nothing like myspace or facebook but its funhah c-ya
  9. ok christian^^ so how are you doing today lol hey you should check out the poems i wrot in the Mixed Flava forums^^
  10. Hey thanks lana for the can call me Christian or anonymous dsnt matter hah c-ya!
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