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  1. heh sorry
  2. okay thanks for telling me other wise i would have been wondering what the rp was i forget sometimes lolz.
  3. sorry ive been away for a while.just to let you know i approved your character
  4. you should tell the chief or something cuz i would be pissed if that happened to me.
  5. i don't know maybe they don't like me lol but that is a mystery.
  6. how come you have so many posts but your still a com member?
  7. yeah i finally posted at psychic university!some girls seem to like your guy
  8. the object is not invisible just him that s why i havto be sneaky when using it
  9. posted back to you and when espio has something in his hands is the object invisible too or just him.
  10. so did i
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