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  1. It's about an hour or so away from Vancouver. I've met a few people who have come here from California. One of 'em's my dormmate from last year. Lots of sun, eh? It rains so much here. I'm from a drier part of the province, though, so I'm not used to it.
  2. oh i live in california so i dont know
  3. Trinity Western University in Langley, B.C. Canada
  4. really?which one ?
  5. ya, school's pretty crazy for me too. it's even crazier because a lot of returning students this year at my university couldn't find work over the summer and this is one of the most expensive universities in the country.
  6. that sounds really cool but right now ive got school and everything els goin on.but prolly sum day
  7. if you ever get any opportunity to go overseas, you should totally do it. i've been to mexico and france and both were really worth it. i was very shy until i did so many things that were outgoing like that and now i've got a lot more confidence.
  8. that sounds really cool.i wish i could go.
  9. really cool. i went for 10 days for a school exchange trip. i stayed with a japanese family and our group went to touristy places (can't remember where exactly), went to Kyoto for a day. i wish i could've stayed longer. if i could do it again, i think i'd do more touristy things than just going to the mall. the experience itself was amazing though.
  10. i thought it had somthing to do with that.but i expected you to be like japanese and mexicanyou went to japan?lucky how was it?
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