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  1. * will^^
    let's see what kind of a good Rp you can make:P
  2. hey i made an rpg called should go check it out.
  3. but i have talked to another old Rp high school...
    and she want's to join the game as well^^
  4. yeah really.
  5. * see, * see...
    let's hop there it comes up some new Rp´s soon^^
  6. im thinking about it.i prolly wont though unless there is no good ones and nobody makes any in a while.
  7. * see, * see^^
    what kid of Rp are you thing about to make?..
  8. im thinking strongly about just making my own already
  9. agree, or it wasn't the last time i looked though them all...
    seems like no one has any good ideas
  10. there are no really good rpgs in the ideas anymore.
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