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  1. y rnt u on !loljk
  2. lol i always say dude just in spanish hehehehehe and dont use lowzy cause that word is so tottaly lame bean!!!!!-i like saying lame bean..
  3. im trying to not say"dude that sucks."all the time so im trying new wordz
  4. hmmmmmmm yah at least i can come on........u like using the word LOWZY dont u
  5. hah!well thats LOWZYo least you have your ways of getting on here
  6. oh my brother is so stupid so he decide he could b a teck guy and he took my computer apart i wuz hella pist but im gonna get a new one b4 schools over and this happend in the summer
  7. you dont have internet at home ?
  8. why ?
  9. i just go 2 anime online i only come on win im at school
  10. how do you get on here???at your school ?
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