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  1. Dude, this is weird. Holy crap that's all I was gonna put but I forgot about the whole 50 minimum words thing. I remember this forced us to write.
  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! finally com. member!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  3. thats weird.your otaku but not com.member...thats messed
  4. hey i made an rpg called expelled.go look at it fool!
  5. dang i might do that when i have a full day and nothing to
  6. dude i was so bored i posted in rp highschool.i want to get more posts anyway.that took forever!go look at it.
  7. I know right. and dude your guys hella fun. i like the techno nerd coment
  8. dude your being hella smooth in moonlighters!your guys tight.
  9. yeah i gotta go to the dentist tomorow in the morningsucks
  10. yeah i figured. its cool i just wanted to see if you wanted to hang for a bit
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