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  1. we need a drummer and we also need a backup vocalist
  2. oh what instruments do you need?
  3. it will be called pegan prophecyand we willl not start for another 5 or 6 years because we still need like two members
  4. thats koolwhats yr band called?
  5. oh i can play the intro to the zelda 2 game now and also the intro to digimon
  6. woah weird attack on ao right?um...i can play the intro of welcome home.some other bits of songs.
  7. that cool so what can you play

    I can play the day that never comes from metallica
  8. oh really?ah.well im just practicing chords right now.
  9. my guitar teacher tried that and well he was wrong and then he went to college and learned the right way and now he is a teacher
  10. trying to teach myself how to play.
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