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  1. my uncle is also paying for my college..........................
  2. damn!thats a good deal
  3. well my uncle hired me to deliver news papers and i got 600 for it
  4. yeah i want a car too.but i cant get a job for the fact i have no car
  5. i've been working so i could buy me a truck soi can get to and from school
  6. hey.havent talked to you in a while.whats up?
  7. ok thats jus really crazy!you must be a extreme gamer!!!
  8. i also beat Sepheroth on KH1 and on expert mode Lv 38
  9. no i used the original kingdom key and i was on the hardest mode of the game
  10. o my god!you beat sepheroth!you must be a pro i could only kill like 5 of his health meters!!!!!!do you have ultimate weapon?
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