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  1. yeah i saw them on the festivals,i like 2pm too. but mostly i'm the supporter -kind of old- the group ss501 and their leader kim hyun joong *-* waaah too HOT to endure ! and i like especially cn blue (:

    but i'm also watching only on utube
  2. I really like SHINee, Beast, and 2PM. Some of thes are old and I only get to see them on utube. But I REALLY LOVE RAIN BI. He is freaking hot and can totally sing and dance.
  3. have seen ur post, that u like kpop music? which group do u like most? just a few min ago i watched on utube the kpop music festival 2011 in sydney and the new music bank festival in paris this february 2012, awesoem *-*
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